The Lou Kaye Show


                                 Photograph by Ron Carson

There may have been many pictures taken of Lou Kaye at the microphone, but we believe this is the only one that still exists. It shows Lou Kaye on the air at WIOO, Carlisle PA in March, 1966. Also shown is colleague and friend Dave Shayer.


Lou Kaye lived until March 17, 1998.
He was 53 years old.

    "Lou Kaye" was the broadcast radio announcer name adopted by Louis Klawansky.   Lou was born on February 17,  1945,  to David and Ella Klawansky.  He grew up in Harrisburg and later moved to South Philadelphia.  He later made NE Philadelphia his home.  An Aquarian with many Aquarian talents and quirks,  he had a professional quality about him that made anyone who met him realize he was made of heart and soul, and possessed a  rare talent for radio announcing.  Lou started to practice announcing when he was about 10 years old.  By the time he was only fifteen years old,  Lou was a seasoned announcer.

      He worked for such radio stations as WIOO,  Carlisle PA -- WBCB, Fairless Hills PA -- WBUD,  Trenton NJ -- WTTM,  Trenton NJ,  and WHAT-FM,  Philadelphia  (before they were WWDB).  He also worked at WMID, Atlantic City NJ -- WNJH, Hammonton NJ -- WCMC, Wildwood NJ -- WJJZ,  MT Holly NJ -- WOND,  Pleasantville NJ -- WKDN/WTMR, Camden NJ -- WCAM,  Camden NJ -- WFEC,  Harrisburg PA -- WKBO, Harrisburg PA -- WJBR-FM,  Wilmington DE -- WCOJ,  Coatsville PA -- WCOY,  Columbia PA -- WBUX,  Doylestown PA -- And in Philadelphia -- WCAU-FM,  WDAS-FM,   WQAL-FM,   WRCP where he was Scott Benson.   And he worked for WDVR-FM starting as Lee Kramer and later as Lou Martin.   Lou Kaye also worked with his brother Mel at Super Sound Studios.  His great talent did not go unknown in the industry as he was even hired at WCBS-FM in New York although illness prevented him from working there.

     And there were others.  In the 60's and early 70's Lou Kaye performed many formats of radio,  from rock to middle of the road to country.  Whatever format he was required to adopt,  he was a chameleon,  laced with  creativity,  talent,  and "LOU KAYE WIT",  and easily rose to the occasion.  He was a GREAT announcer wherever he worked.  He was friendly with such local talents as Hy lit,  Sid Mark,  Bob Charger,  Harvey Holiday,  Rick Friedman,  Dave Shayer,  Merrill Reese,  and many others who learned along with and from Lou Kaye. He was also friendly with some of the Greatest New York Talents of Radio such as Dan Ingram, Stan Martin, and Gene Klavin.

Download 25 second Lou Kaye Sound Byte


     Lou never got to be famous in a major city broadcast market because of a debilitating emotional disorder that he would never conquer.  But he did conquer the hearts of most people he met. Lou was known in South and Northeast Philadelphia to many people who frequented the coffee shops and fast food restaurants like Dunkin' Donuts, Wawa,  and McDonalds.  He would often be found there having a cigarette,  a cup of coffee,   and just talking to people.  He truly had the 'Gift of Gab'.

     When he could no longer broadcast on the radio,  he ran his show for people at these places he visited.  He had no transmitter to carry his magnificent voice,  but carried on one to one conversations with all types of people.  He entertained them to the wee hours of the morning with his Wit and Charm.  Literally hundreds of people remember him for his fun loving,  optimistic attitude.  He always somehow made you feel that you were great.

     Some of Lou's closest friends were from N.E. Philadelphia's  Punzie's and Richie's crowds,  including his brother Mel Klawansky (a television / radio broadcast engineer),  Clint Wax,  Murray Greenfield,  Steve Simon,  Bruce Fisher,  Rick Kendis,  Roger Kendis,  Neil Madonick,  and Paul Weiner. Other close friends from in and around Philadelphia such as Dick (Snag) Franklin,  Irv Bruskin,  Artie Wald , Paul Scott (Bunting), and Joe Fortuna will fondly remember Lou.   And so will many others from Lenny's,  The Toddle House,  Castor Ave,  and Cottman Ave.  They will remember Lou for the different ways they interacted with him.   But mostly they'll remember his slick radio style,  his love for life and radio broadcasting,  his often simple but accurate way of looking at things,  his love for little gadgets  like watches,  radios of all types,  tape recorders,  and CB  or ham radio hand-held walkie talkies.  He used to buy High and sell Low! It seemed crazy but he loved to sample these new gadgets and then discard them for new ones.  We knew him for these and other eccentricities,  his human weaknesses,  and some times his  'craziness'.  But mostly,  we loved Lou Kaye.


To those of us who had the pleasure of knowing him,  Lou Kaye should probably best be remembered for being a great Communicator,  and human being.  And he brought people together.  We will miss him.  Good Bye Lou Kaye,  until we meet again at that radio station or that Dunkin' Donuts in the sky.
Love from your Buddies,
 Mevvy and Tox

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