Why Buy a PBX / Auto Attendant / Voice mail system installed on Premise over Hosted PBX with Auto Attendant and Voice Mail.

A company can save money by having their own PBX / Auto Attendant / Voice mail system on premises rather than pay for Hosted PBX. Hosted PBX is a system that your outside line provider may offer as a feature boasting that you have very little equipment to invest in. Still, they charge extra for the hosted PBX per month for each line. IE. The hosted PBX feature itself costs more money. But that's not even the big picture. The big picture is how many outside analog or SIP lines are required with Hosted PBX compared to owning your own equipment. DataLabsUSA equipment is feature rich with low costs compared to the older klunky PBX's. The savings you get with your own PBX are two-fold. First you save for the cost of the hosting per line and secondly but most importantly, your company will usually save by needing less outside lines.

These extra line costs quickly add up to your company's losses. The reason for this is the requirement that each line has an additional charge for Hosted PBX and since more lines are required for Hosted PBX compared to an on-premise PBX. So, let's see how this works: Let's say you have 5 people on your staff that need phones. With hosted PBX, each phone is called a seat. So, you need a 5 seat system...that means you need 5 lines. When you have your own PBX, you get all the needed features, and can often get along with only 3 outside lines instead of 5 saving the cost of 2 lines every month. You can do this since most businesses do not have all employees on the phone at all times. So, with 4 employees + yourself, since only 3 people are on the phone at any given time, you don't need the extra 2 lines that Telcos, and SIP providers are trying to force on you. Obviously this does not apply to businesses like Telemarketers that may need all employees on the phone at all times. But for most businesses many less lines than people are needed at any given time.

So why pay for lines you don't need. A typical $699.00 DataLabsUSA PBX PABX + Voice mail system will give you full control over all features and save the cost of additional lines since the incoming lines are shared with all of the seats or extensions. As, we said most small businesses with 6 lines really only need 3 or 4 lines. With a savings of 2 lines at $50.00 per line means that your company saves $100.00 per month. The cost of the PBX is paid for in well under a year and then the savings continue to mount rapidly. If you needed 8 seats, with Hosted PBX, the telco or provider will want you to have 8 lines for 8 seats. With a Data Labs PBX + voice mail system whether standard or VOIP or hybrid, you will probably get along with 3 - 5 lines. This will save you about $150.00 every month quickly making the investment in a Data Labs PBX a No-brainer. Our modern PBX and Voice Mail / Auto Attendant Systems can usually be installed quickly by IT people or "do it your-selfers" using our free support and accurate manuals. And we offer Free Phone Support before and after the sale at 215-698-2933 to assure you buy the right equipment for your needs and get you up and running quick

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